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Feelings Are Defined & Explained As Sensations

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Feelings and Sensations

What Are Sensations?

  • Sensations are nonverbal experiences of perception.
  • Sensations are caused by the stimulation of a sense or a means of perception.
  • Humans have seven recognized senses: the sense of sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, balance (inner ear fluid), and proprioception (awareness of the movement and position of the body and its limbs).
  • Humans also have the inner senses of heart, soul, and mind.
  • The heart senses energy, the soul senses sensations, and the mind senses (perceives) images and thoughts.
  • Senses are stimulated by making contact with something that they can experience or perceive.
  • Common sensations are: soft, loud, hard, stiff, pliable, soft, sharp, dull, bumpy, lumpy, jagged, rough, smooth, slick, hairy, hot, warm, cold, freezing, salty, sweet, sour, bitter, slippery, sticky, wet, dry, bright, dark, hazy, and murky.
  • Sensations arise when one of your senses makes contact with something.

What Are Feelings?

  • Feelings are a type of sensation.
  • Feelings are sensations of sensations.
  • Sensations of sensations arise when your soul makes contact with something.
  • Your soul is your inner ability to sense sensations.
  • Yes, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors all interact but are also separate.

What Are the Sources for Feelings?

  • At one time, it was thought that the body was the source of all feelings.
  • The three primary sources for feelings are your own body, the external world, and your mind.
  • However, you can also have sensations of other sensations, sensations of feelings (feelings are sensations), sensations of your being or self in action, sensations of experiences (from heart, soul, or mind), and sensations of your inner world.
  • In other words, whenever you have sensations, then you can have feelings about those sensations and even feelings about feelings since feelings are sensations.

Why the Focus on Thoughts As Causing Feelings?

  • The cause of feelings is sensations, not thoughts.
  • However, adults mainly sense their thoughts as if they were realities (thought-things).
  • Hence, adults have an impact primarily on their thoughts, making it appear that thoughts are the leading cause of feelings.
  • The main reason to embrace General Semantics is to stop treating thoughts as realities (thought-things).
  • This can also be learned through Eastern psychology and philosophy.

3D: Daily Dose of Discernment: 2020

#Feelings #Sensations: 2020-02-05

1. Feelings are sensations, not thoughts.

2. Thoughts feed and maintain fondness, not cause feelings.

3. Physical and mental (internal) contact with sensations causes feelings.

4. The majority of physical and mental (internal) feelings are neutral and mostly ignored.

5. You can have feelings about sensations of thoughts, and anything else that you can have sensations of or that exist as sensations such as feelings do (feelings about feelings).