Prayer Works: 3 Steps

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The Method & Steps of Prayer Working for You

Prayer can work to help you cope more effectively and productively when you use prayer to accept and make peace with life.

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  • Everyone prays. Everyone prays every day.
  • Yes, even atheists pray without knowing it.
  • Learn to pray for good more and bad less.
  • Yes, you pray for bad for yourself and others.
  • Become aware of how and when you do this and stop it.
  • Serve good, not evil.
  • “Ask believing” is the simplest statement for how to pray.


  • Devotion works in three simple steps, but only if you are single-minded.
  • Your heart, soul, and mind must be aligned for devotion to work.
  • Right thinking without the right experience and the right feeling will not work.

BELIEVING Prayer Works

  • Belief is based on experience. What often passes for or is called belief is merely an opinion, conditioning, cultural codes, or the acceptance of some set of ideas.
  • Belief must be based on personal experience, or it is not belief.

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” —Mark 11:24


  • Step 1 Ask: You clearly ask for something by feeling it with your heart and experiencing it with your soul in detail.
  • Step 2 Believe: You believe with your mind in the future reality of what you feel in your heart and visualize it in your soul.
  • Step 3 Gratitude: You give God the glory, and you are grateful to God for His current and future gifts.


  1. Sense or feel its energy.
  2. See or visualize it in the future.
  3. Sense it through your vision of it.
  4. Ask for it.
  5. Believe in your feelings and visions.
  6. Thank God for creating your future.

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  1. “Prayer is actively resting in God.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  2. “Prayer is actively relying on God.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  3. “Prayer is actively returning to God.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  4. “Prayer is actively retreating to God.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  5. “Prayer is actively refocusing on God.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

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