Trying to Fail: List of Pages

Book Cover "Don't Read This"

List of Pages on Trying & Failing

“The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.” —Napoleon Hill

Observe & Test for Yourself to See Trying Is Failing

  1. 3 Errors & 4 Solutions
  2. 3 Tests Show Self-Esteem Insane
  3. 4 Main Spiritual Failures
  4. Doing & Rest
  5. Ego Issues: Waiting Is the Answer
  6. Make Worse to Make Better As a Strategy
  7. Notes on No-ting
  8. No-ting Thinking Error
  9. Quotations by Topic: Failure Is Learning
  10. Quotations by Topic: Trying Is Choosing to Fail
  11. Responsibility: Trying Is Planning to Fail
  12. Self-Esteem Issues: 3 Problems Contain Most Problems
  13. The Three Stooges & Failure

Book Devoted to the Main Cause of Failure & Trying: No-ting

Book Devoted to Teaching Problem-Solving

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