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Nazi Thinking & British Imperialism

7 Thinking Errors of CT

The Hive Mindset Is Historically Common

  • Real reason how and why the Nazis rose to power.
  • Same reason for the genocide committed around the world by British Imperialism.

Nazi Hive-Mindset

  • To understand the Nazi mindset, you need to understand the insect hive mindset.
  • The honey bee makes an excellent example providing many parallels.

Honey-Bee Hive Mindset

  1. Honey bees are nationalistic to the extreme. Only we are good. Only we are valuable. We are the superior insect, animal, race. We have the superior purpose.
  2. Honey bees practice socialism to the extreme. All work for the state or hive. All belongs to the state or hive. All products and wealth belong to the state or hive.
  3. Honeybee rule one: Survival of the state or hive at any and all costs.
  4. Honeybee rule two: Outsiders are the enemy in any form.
  5. Outsiders who are found inside the state or hive are to be killed as fast as possible, and all available personnel must engage them. Nazis practiced ethnic and racial eugenics and dedicated a lot of resources to that instead of the war effort. The Nazis hated Slavs, Jews, Gypsies, and anyone they considered not a German who was in “their” German lands or hive.
  6. Outsiders are never to be allowed in for any reason. If any outsiders attempt to enter, then they are to be killed by all available personnel. Nazis went to great lengths to define who was and who was not an outsider.
  7. Bees will eat other bees and insects as they are not important. Since only we are real and important, we can experiment on or do anything to subhuman outsiders for the benefit of the hive. Nazi medical doctors were allowed to perform inhumane experiments on outsiders for medical research.
  8. Bees breed only the types of bees they need: eugenics. Nazis encouraged and financially supported the birth of Germans in many ways. Nazis also practiced some forms of role control for humans, such as women being seen primarily as breeders.
  9. Work is good. All forms of work are good as long as they are for the good of the state or hive. All forms of work were highly valued by the Nazis.
  10. Contribute or die. Drones are driven from the hive to die once their job is done. All must work or die. No place for the deformed, handicapped, or unproductive: eugenics. For instance, the Nazis practiced eugenics on the handicapped and mentally ill. The United States had been doing this before the Nazis, and the Nazis praised and followed their example.
  11. One supreme leader to be worshiped and served at all costs. If a second leader arrives, then they must leave. Only one queen bee per hive is allowed. All pledge absolute loyalty to the queen. All are ready to die for the queen. For instance, the bees will swarm the queen to keep her at the right temperature regardless of any risk to themselves. Note the purge of the Nazi party to ensure Hitler as the only power and leader.
  12. Self-interest does not exist, but only hive or social interest. Hence, capitalism or selfishness is an enemy. There is no point in letting individuals waste resources on individual goals. Individuals are valuable in so far as they serve the state or hive. Drones receive special care for their special work.
  13. The hive is the purpose, not money as in communism. Communism is about economics and economic distribution. Communism is, therefore, an enemy. The point is the state or the hive, not economics or fairness. Those who contribute more should receive more as does the queen and drones.

Nazis Rose to Power Because:

  1. The Nazis arrived in Germany when the hive had been destroyed or damaged in every aspect.
  2. The Nazis offered to rebuild the hive and did so in a remarkably quick fashion.
  3. The Nazis made the hive valuable, traditional, and important to Germans again with philosophy and propaganda.
  4. The Nazis appealed to the hive drive in Germans using mass media effectively.
  5. Germany was pushed to be alone, self-reliant, and was seen by and treated as its own hive by the rest of the world.
  6. Germany had a history of being a strong hive and of having a strong hive identity.
  7. The Nazis lost the war because of scattered efforts and a lack of gasoline supplies. Hard to beat an enemy that has trucks, tanks, and planes when yours can’t move to fight back. But they still almost did with their strong sense of hive.
  8. The Nazis could have won the war by getting their allies to attack and focus on Russia with them. Italian troops would have back up, occupation, prison camp, and transportation duties under the command of German troops. Japanese troops would attack from the Russian west and north forcing the Russians to fight two real armies on two large fronts.

Universal Hive Drive

  1. In humans, the primitive hive-drive is as strong as the drive to survive.
  2. Hive mentality is strong in humans because of its appeal to security, purpose, meaning, and belonging.
  3. All humans have a sense of power and pride from being part of a strong hive.
  4. Nazis are the perfect example of hive mentality in politics and government, which all politics and governments must and do promote to some extent.
  5. English history is another perfect example of the hive-drive mentality. The English people felt superior and free to exploit the rest of the world and did exploit, subjugate, and dehumanize much of it.
  6. A strong hive is a powerful force militarily, economically, socially, politically, philosophically, and in every aspect. History demonstrates this over and again. All societies want to be strong, and the strongest have always been hives.
  7. Germany lost WWII because they ran out of gasoline. Hard to beat armies that have airplanes, tanks, trucks, jeeps, and trucks when yours cannot move. And Germany was still hard to beat. This just shows how powerful a force the hive mind can be.
  8. Hive-drive mentality exists in groups of all sizes. Humans have invented an endless list of ways to separate to be special: affiliations, alliances, associations, bands, brotherhoods, cliques, clubs, coalitions, communities, consortiums, ethnic groups, fellowships, fraternities, gangs, gender alliances, governments, guilds, leagues, lodges, organizations, political parties, races, regions, religions, social clubs, societies, unions.

“Banality of Evil” versus Hive-Mind Drive

Theories of the cause of human evil typically fail to account for the two most important factors: (1) the Hive-Mind Drive; (2) the Ego Drive to be superior by knowing better than others.

  • While it is true that ideology, circumstances, crises, and charismatic leadership are all factors, they are only factors that help create the Hive-Mind Drive response. People naturally like the security and self-righteousness that comes from acceptance by a powerful Hive Mind.

One of the fundamental drives of humans is to seek acceptance of some Hive Mind. Acceptance by a Hive Mind provides the basic ego needs of identity, approval, and belonging.

Contributing to the Hive Mind provides the higher ego need for superiority by supplying social recognition and social rewards.

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